Commiserate: Getting Healthy

This week, I was ready to go with a ‘how to’ article about getting out of a rut and exercising more. All I had to do was edit, upload, and boom, I would have a post for this week (even though my actual – failing – goal is to put up two).

But I couldn’t in good conscience post it yet. Even though I did use the tips I outlined to regularly workout for several weeks, I find myself back in a brutal rut.

I never want this blog to seem like I’m sitting in an ivory tower, having figured it all out, telling the commoners how to fix their lives, especially when I’m really struggling with something.

This is my cathartic documentation of figuring out how to be happy, while attempting to connect with people who feel just as lost as I do. No BS.

So today I’ll outline all the psychological barriers I’ve experienced while on a journey to get fit and healthy, and next week I’ll post my tips on forming an exercise routine and another on how to eat healthier.

Thus ends the disclaimer portion of this post.

Let’s begin.

Staying in Bed Feels Better Than Getting Out

For the third day in a row, your alarm goes off at 6:30am. And for the third day in a row, you ignore the horrible sound it makes and the knowledge that your workout clothes are neatly waiting for you on the floor beside your bed.

All your good intentions deftly escaped into the darkness as you slept. The 6:30am version of you cares a whole lot less about starting the morning with cardio and a whole lot more about being warm. You begin your real morning routine: rhyming off excuses.

“I really didn’t sleep that well last night, I need more sleep to function…I have a lot going on today, I need to feel fresh…I think I’m a little under the weather, I should wait until I feel 100%…I’ll just work out this evening if I skip this morning.”

The truth is, you just love the warmth of the sheets; the dreamy feeling of oscillating between sleeping and waking; and the unspoken understanding that as long as you’re in bed, the obligations of the day don’t exist yet. Who would give that up early?

You Really Deserve Time to Relax

Your internal dialogue definitely has it out for you.

9am: Ok, so you missed your workout this morning. That just means you have to find time to work out tonight to make up for it. Make sure to schedule it in!

10:30am: Sweet, you’ve been so productive in this morning; just killin the game right now! You’re totally gonna rock that workout tonight. Looking forward to it!

12pm: Lunch time! It’s gorgeous outside, maybe you should go for a walk during your break to keep your energy up for this afternoon.”

2:30pm: Ughhh, why are you so tired? You went for that walk; you had a light lunch. Damn you, body! What else do you want?

4:30pm: Time think about finishing up your work and getting ready to hit the gym. You’ve already gotten so much done today though. You even pushed through that massive wall this afternoon, and it really took it out of you. You should just rest up tonight, watch some TV, make a good dinner, and plan a killer workout for the morning.”

Feel free to repeat this thought process every day. Maybe one day you’ll realize you’re completely sabotaging yourself…maybe.

Fast Food Exists. And Cheese Exists…CHEESE

Another long day; at least you got a ton of work done! Time to think about dinner. You should probably make something healthy, but there isn’t a whole lot left in the fridge this time of the week. And just thinking about being cooped up in the kitchen after such a long day is reason enough to want to scream.

You did just eat out a couple days ago. But…just consider this your last big hurrah. Next week it’ll be all green smoothies and kale salads for you! You definitely deserve something quick and tasty tonight. You’re plans are airtight!

What to order? Definitely something with French fries! Maybe a chocolate milkshake too? We are talking a last hurrah here. And technically, one meal does nothing to influence your overall health. It’s what you eat over a long period of time that matters. Tomorrow you’ll buy kale, so it’s fine.

In fact, you should order mozzarella sticks too, since you’ve been craving them for a while now. Who cares if it’s like 90% fat? Cheese is the number one reason vegetarians don’t go vegan. It’s one of life’s simplest and most beautiful pleasures. You shouldn’t rob yourself of that.

You’re just having a treat, AND you’re supporting dairy farmers.

You’re practically a hero.

Snacking Can Quickly Get Out of Hand

You know, letting your blood sugar drop throughout the day can be pretty bad for your concentration. It’s actually important to snack. Just buy some trail mix and a few other things from the bulk store, keep it on your desk, and just eat it when you get hungry.

Awesome, all this stuff should last you a couple months!

It’s 10am, that means it’s time for a snack. Just grab a handful of sunflower seeds, and you’ll keep your energy up until lunch.

(5 mins later)

That really wasn’t much of a snack. You can keep a few bags open on your desk, and just eat when you’re really hungry.

Donuts in the breakroom? If you’re being honest with yourself, you’ve been snacking quite a bit today. But you can’t miss out on free food! How often does that happen? Just eat less tomorrow. Oooh, there are cookies too. Definitely need to sample both!

Time to close up shop for the day. Crap, how much of your snack stockpile did you eat already? Just go back and replenish it tonight.

Lesson learned, you won’t make the same mistake again, right?

Have I hit #relatable yet? Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever experienced any of these thoughts, or what your biggest weakness is when you’re trying to be a bit healthier!

P.S. Notice how many times the word ‘just’ appears in this post. Tip #1 to getting healthier will be if you ever catch yourself thinking you’ll ‘just’ do X to make up for Y, do the opposite of whatever you’re thinking. It’s a trap!

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