2018 Goals

  1. Get rid of everything I don’t need (complete the 30 days of minimalism challenge).
  2. Get to goal weight and get healthy!
    • Work out 5 times a week.
    • Figure out an eating schedule that works.
  3. Learn to play guitar.
    • Practice 30 mins a day.
    • Play an open mic by the end of the year.
  4. Learn to speak passable French.
    • 10 mins of duolingo a day.
    • Start practicing with people!
  5. Get my Youtube channel off the ground.
    • Start posting once per week, get to 3 times a week by the end of the year.
  6. Grow my blog.
    • Start posting reliably (same day/same time).
  7. Get Broke But Hustling up and running.
    • Start working on it at least 1 hour a day.
  8. Reach income goals.
    • Put out more proposals.
    • Get my own website up and active.
  9. Get back into photography.
    • Shoot once per week (anything and everything).
  10. Start a custom vintage shop.
  11. Get to England!
  12. Plan my wedding!!!
    • 30 mins of planning a day.
  13. Get fully on top of my finances.
    • Hire an accountant.
    • Track budget weekly.
  14. Start waking up at 5am.
  15. Run a 10K.
  16. Read 25 books.
  17. Meditate 2 times a day.
  18. Learn to dance better.
  19. Start volunteering again (1 day a week).
  20. Finish decorating the apartment.
  21. Take better care of my appearance (don’t let mental health issues win!).
  22. Write an HTBMA book.

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