Hi, I’m Jenn.

And, if I’ve learned anything in my almost 27 years of life, it’s that you never really feel like an adult. As a kid, you think that one day a switch will flip, and all of a sudden you just have all the answers.

Instead, the only indications that adulthood is creeping up on you are that more and more people start calling you ma’am (or sir), bills start piling up, and you’re limited to answering to someone else for 8 hours a day instead of the full 24.

When I took what I thought was the only path, and got my first big girl job, it only took a few months before I looked around at my life and couldn’t recognize it anymore. I was bored, miserable, and felt like screaming every day.

Against all reason and all advice I got from the real adults in my life, I quit my job with the objective of finding out how I could create a life I actually enjoyed. I currently work from home as a freelance copywriter, while I try to get some other projects off the ground.

Basically, I’m learning how to crush being an adult in the 21st century and doing it on my own terms. It isn’t always glamorous. In fact, sometimes it’s downright scary, but I love the freedom of working for myself!

I’m documenting everything, so that anyone else who feels stuck can learn from my mistakes and forge their own path.

Wish me luck!




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